Committee Mission

The First-Gen Planning Committee's mission is to increase awareness of dedicated first-gen student resources on campus as well as insure all related initiatives and programs are working together for a successful first-gen student experience. A current list of committee members can be found below.  If you have any questions about the committee, please contact us.

  • First Gen Workgroup Members

  • Name
  • Alexandra Lyon
    Director, New Student Programs
  • Amasett Wong
    Director, Residence Life
  • Cheree Copland Terrell
    Coordinator, Retention 
    Enrollment Services Division
  • Katrina Fults
    Associate Director, Operations and Student Success - Residence Life
  • Lauren Fournier
    Assistant Director, CARE Services
  • Leon Humphrey
    Program Coordinator, New Student Programs
  • Marcy Stidum
    Executive Director, CARE Services/Volunteerism
  • Nicholas Trotter
    Program Coordinator, New Student Programs
  • Norma Nunez-Pacheco
    Director, Retention 
    Enrollment Services Division
  • Shae Smith
    Manager, Strategic Outreach Programs    
    Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence
  • Shameka Wells
    Executive Director, Cultural and Community Centers/Student Leadership
  • Spaanity Newton
    Program Manager, African American Male Initiative