Student Organizations

There are multiple registered student organizations (RSOs) either dedicated specifically to or with areas that focus on the first-gen student population.  As student-operated organizations, they offer great opportunities for you to get involved on campus, build your leadership and professional skills, and improve your community.  Remember -- you get out of student involvement as much as you put into it, so take advantage and get involved!


  • FGO Logo

    First-Gen Owls (FGO)

    FGO seeks to develop its members personally and professionally throughout their college experience by building interpersonal skills, connections, and member sense of belonging.  Although it focuses on first-gen students, FGO is open to all students -- first-gen or not.

    For questions, contact FGO's President, Felicia Echeverria.

  • SGA Logo

    Student Government Association (SGA)

    SGA exists to represent the students of KSU and to advocate on behalf of all of us.  It is in the process of creating more dedicated resources for first-gen students, also.

    For questions, contact Senator to University College, Vanessa Benitez.