Campus Resources

This section lists the various offices, programs, materials, and related resources available here on campus that are either directly aimed at first-gen students or open to all students but equally important.  We understand that keeping track of everything available here at KSU can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to find at times, so we hope this will point you in the right direction.

We are continuously updating and adding to this page, so if you have a suggestion of any resource that should be added, email us and let us know!

  • Campus Resource Guide

    This guide, created by the First-Year Seminars program within the Department of First-Year & Transition Studies,  aims to provide all students an easily accessible list of the resources that are available on campus.  This helps students both achieve greater levels of success during as well as clear-up as much confusion as possible by listing as many of these resources as possible in a centralized location.

    To view the document, follow the link below, scroll down to the Students section, then expand the menu for Campus Resource Guide.